Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good News Thursday

Henry Cate over at Why Homeschool runs a "Good News Thursday". Here's my contribution this week.

TV Show Helps Man Survive 5 Days in Wilderness
When Christopher Traverse went out for a snowmobile ride with his friends, he didn't notice when he took a wrong turn. By the time the 24-year-old realized his mistake, he was out of gas, stranded alone in the dark. He was lost deep in the wilderness of northern Manitoba, 64 kilometers away from the snowmobile trail.

Luckily, Traverse knew how to get through the ordeal, thanks to the lessons he'd learned from a reality TV show called "Survivorman," in which the star, Les Stroud, takes week-long adventures in the wilderness without any supplies.

Read more at Gimundo.

I can't imagine surviving half a day in such cold, snowy conditions, let alone 5 days. My hat is off to Christopher.

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