Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Lydia told me about Handipoints this morning.

I initially thought the concept was crazy, but then I got to thinking.

Ben adores Webkinz World and he just loves it when we run the house on a token economy. Ben thrives on having lists of activities he needs to do. We've also discovered that he reacts really well to doing drill work on his computer. Spelling Time and Big Math Time have proven to be invaluable tools in my homeschooling armament.

I set up Handipoints accounts for Ben and Shira and then set up 5 task charts each. I've had a splendid afternoon. The house is spotless, Ben's polite and friendly and now he's doing his exercise. One of the tasks I put in was for them to bear crawl the length of the house 10 times, another was to do 100 jumping jacks. Nothing like tired children at bedtime.

We'll see how well this works in the long term, but for now, it appears that it might be a neat way to modify Ben's behavior.

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Danielle said...

Thanks so much for posting about this. I'd forgotten about it already from yesterdays' conversation. Hope you didn't wipe Ben out completely!!