Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's OK!

3 years ago when I was diagnosed with osteonecrosis in 3 joints, Shira internalized it as "mommy is nearly dead, one more bone and she'll be dead". We unfortunately only realized this last year and have spent a fair bit of time trying to help her realize that this is not the case. Things seemed to be working well until a few weeks ago when part of my knee broke off. It's been back onto crutches for me and next week I am having surgery.

It's all thrown Shira for a loop. All her fears about me dying have come to the fore. Yesterday the two of us spent a lot of time talking about it. When we were finished talking she said she wanted to make a book about it.

The title of the book is, "It's OK". She's drawn a cross section of the knee as seen on an MRI on the first page, labeled it dead knee and then in large letters has written, "it's ok". The next page has a broken piece of bone with "It's OK" across the top. The third has a pic of her, Ben and Marc with tears streaming down their faces and of course, "it's OK". Finally there was a picture of a happy heart and a final "it's OK".

She gave me the book and told me that she made it for me because I was so nervous and she wanted to help me feel OK about it all. Love that transferrance. LOL. We've spent rather a lot of time reading this book and talking about things being OK. I think it is working to help calm her fears.

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Lostcheerio said...

That is beautiful. Made me weepy just reading about it. She is such a sweetheart.