Sunday, February 17, 2008


Lydia over at Little Blue School coaches our homeschool Lego League team. I am in awe of Lydia as she manages to get the two Benjamins (hers and mine) to focus AT THE SAME TIME. The kids have had a blast learning about simple machines and energy sources.

Yesterday they took part in the Tidewater Homeschool Lego League Tournament and won the Inquiring Minds award.

This has been an outstanding project. Our children learned to work as a team, to solve problems and to present their project to strange people. We're looking forward to next year's Lego League Challenge.

In the mean time our group isn't disbanding. We're going to continue learning out simple machines and basic physics. Our next project is the Virginia Air and Space's Egg Drop Contest. Our Legodiles are meeting tomorrow, under Lydia's fine tutelage to learn about the physics of dropping eggs from great heights. The meeting after that is the fun one, the kids get to test out their designs.

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