Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Surrounded by music

This afternoon I realized that dreams do come true. I've had a dream for years where I would hear music, played by my children, fill the house. I knew that there was a chance that this would not happen because my side of the gene pool did not bring musical gifts, unlike Marc's which abounds in them.

Ben's been taking piano lessons since September last year and finally the music he plays is recognizable as music and actually often sounds rather pretty. Shira's been singing with the Virginia Children's Chorus since September and each week has a new piece of music to learn off by heart. For the last month both of them have been taking recorder lessons.

For the last hour they have been practicing their music. First the recorders and now Ben is on the piano and Shira is learning her memory solo for choir. It's just so beautiful and joyous. They love their music and their instruments and that shines through very brightly.

Ben's enjoying piano so much that I no longer need to remind him to practice. He practices of his own accord 2-4 times a day. Shira has always loved singing but during the first semester at VCC she was overwhelmed and didn't trust her ability to learn each memory solo. This semester she is flying. I am in awe of her. She's learning complex pieces which are often not in English. She's learned songs in Latin, Spanish and Italian. Right now she is learning A La Puerta del Cielo.

I'm a very happy, and proud mommy.


Erin said...


What a great post! I am wistful, reading it. Out here in the sticks there aren't many musical opportunities for kids, and I love music so - it makes me sad not to have options like yours, here.

I'm glad you wrote, though. Your message inspires me to see what I can do, here, to bring more musical education into Owen's life. Like your kids, Owen has an ipod and loves it for stories and music. He's got a well rounded, and down right eclectic taste in music, and listens to many different styles and types of music. But I would so love for him to learn more about actually making music. I sing, and play the piano and the harp, and it brings me such joy.

Anyway - thank you for your post! I appreciate the inspiration.

-- Erin

Lostcheerio said...

PT for your knee, music therapy for your brain. :) Bless their sweet little cute hearts. A beautiful thing! I would love to hear Shira sing something on Wednesday!!!