Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever.

Last week I received a care package of gluten free, casein free and soy free goodies from McGovern's Organics . This was the first time since I went GFCF 3 years ago that I tasted cookies and cakes that tasted as good as, and in fact better than, any gluten containing baked goods I had ever tasted.

I loved the chocolate chip cookies so much that I have just ordered 4 dozen of them. What makes them even more appealing is that the McGovern sisters only use the highest quality organic ingredients and they haven't jumped onto the "Oats is safe for celiacs bandwagon".

We found out to our great dismay, when we ate Dr Lucy's GF cookies , that we are celiacs who cannot tolerate oats.

I've been mulling this oats business and am very confused. The current recommendation is that it is safe for celiacs to eat certified GF oats, but only a max of 1/2 a cup a day. Am I the only one who finds this particularly odd. It's safe, but if you eat more than 1/2 cup a day, then it isn't? Doesn't ring true to me. I think that celiacs should continue to avoid oats.

More and more gluten free goodies are being made with oats as this makes the cooking process easier. All it means for us is that we have to read labels even more carefully than before and that we can't trust "gluten free" labels.

Of course, I shouldn't even be having this discussion. I should be eschewing all baked goods and living on unprocessed fruit and vegetables like I do most of the time. Right now I feel like some indulgence is called for. The knee surgery I just had was more painful than I could possibly have imagined and I think that McGovern's Organics chocolate chip cookies are just what the doctor ordered.


Michele said...

Interesting. I knew oats could be cross contaminated with wheat, but I hadn't heard the idea that 1/2 cup might be okay. Caroline started eating oats a little over a year ago. She eats quite a lot at times and I think she's fine with it. But I always worry a bit about what might be going on inside that we can't see and she is yet unable to express. And what about long term effects. Frustrating. Thanks for the link to the good cookies. I'm going to check them out!

Shez said...

Michelle, they have to be certified, gluten free oats. Not any old brand of oats, those have cross contamination problems.