Saturday, March 8, 2008

Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers

At a dear friend's suggestion I have started a new blog carnival. Meet the Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers.

I am going to attempt to make this a weekly carnival full of links to homeschoolers who do cool things with their children, think cool things or just are cool people.

Are you running an awesome co-op? Are you teaching a class that has the participants begging to attend daily? Do your children wake up before dawn and beg to start school? Did you let your children spend the day playing in the mud just because it rained and you called that school? Is your family homeschooling while trekking through Outer Mongolia? Do you encourage your budding dress designer to wear her creations, even though they make you cringe? Whatever makes you cool, we want to hear about it.


Lostcheerio said...

Rock and roll.

After The Rayne said...

Cool idea! I look forward to seeing your blogs and will hopefully send you something as well!

Shez said...

I'm excited as well. We've already got a few fun entries. I look forward to hearing from you

Tracy said...

We think we are cool
In our little homeschool.
We had a celebration
Imagine the elation
when the kids got news of Dr. Seuss
on the loose.
We read lots of books
and got funny looks
dressed as Things 1 and 2
and two sneetches too.
We had so many kids here it looked like a zoo.

We ate ooblec and a hortons puff
drank some moose juice and other good stuff

We played games with a big box of fun
And cleaned it all up when our play time was done.

Yes we think we are pretty cool
Having fun while doing school.

Tracy said...

We think we are cool b/c a few weeks ago we had Spy Camp at our house. We had done cowboys and pirate camps in the past and invited other homeschoolers to join us.

We had so many interested that we hosted three groups of 12 homeschoolers for Spy Camp.

We learned all about spy tools, spies in history and what it takes to become a spy. We used a lie detector to try to find a "mole" in our camp.

We had a great time and learned lots!

Shez said...

Tracy, it sounds like you have a ton of fun at your homeschool. Please write a blog post about it and submit it to our carnival.

Shez said...


i would love to know how you go about setting up a successful spy camp. My kids would go crazy for it.

The Asbell Family said...

We were playing in mud puddles when your message was sent out on the e-group. No kidding! Picts on blog

A storm came right after that one and knocked our power out for 9 hours.

Shez said...

I LOVE it. Your daughter's mud puddle misadventures will just have to be in the inaugural Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers.