Friday, March 21, 2008

Homeschool Bowling

Yesterday saw the end of our 12 week Winter Homeschool Bowling League at the AMF Lynnhaven Lanes.

Bowling is a new sport to me but Ben and Shira have been crazy about it ever since they went bowling with Gan Izzy. If I am entirely truthful, the entire concept of bowling bores me to tears and I have spent the last few years studiously avoiding all mention of bowling. I'm almost, but not quite, ashamed to admit that I pay Loraina, our splendid babysitter, to take them bowling. It was a win-win situation, she loves bowling as much as I dislike it. However, the kids had this dream of the entire family going bowling together. I was snookered and didn't know how to get out of it.

Then I heard about Homeschool Bowling over in Virginia Beach and thought it would be a treat. I would be physically at the lanes, but wouldn't need to bowl, the kids could bowl to their hearts' content and I would get to chat to Lydia.

A surprising, but welcome, thing happened over the course of the league. Ben and Shira became bored with having to bowl two games every single week. They then realized that they were missing Norfolk Homeschoolers Park Day to go bowling. They were not happy about it. It didn't matter in the deep freeze that was February, but it did start to matter as the weather warmed up.

I am pleased to say that my children's love affair with bowling is almost at an end. One little glitch did arise yesterday when they received their trophies. Trophies are a big deal in their lives and receiving them at bowling did do a little to revive the love affair. We'll see what transpires. They might want to do it in winter again, but not in the good weather.

Here are Ben and Shira with their trophies.

Shira has had a huge growth spurt this winter. She's now over an inch taller than Ben. I hope that Ben start elongating soon as the poor kid is not happy about his twin sister being taller than he is.


Dena said...

Jared & Heath joined the homeschool bowling league at Spare Times. They meet every other Thursday, so there wasn't "overkill." If they want to try bowling again, you can try there. It is a great group. BTW..instead of tropihies, they award medals & college scholarships.

Laura said...

As it turns out, my kids love soccer as much as I now hate it. I hate the parents yelling from the sidelines. I hate the parents asking me about homeschooling with no real curiosity, but just barely managed politeness. I hate that I care if the kids do well...

Bowling looks good from here.