Saturday, March 8, 2008

Purim costumes

Purim is just around the corner and we're busy choosing costumes. I am so glad that I suggested to the children that they should decide what wear. They are so much more creative than I ever could be.

Their current favorite idea is for them to go as Moses and the burning bush. Ben's Moses is a no brainer. Ben loves the blanket I turned into a "monk's" robe for him. He hates dress up costumes but loves his soft, blanket robe. He told me that he is going to wear underpants (a huge concession) and his robe. We could add a light sabre and he could be a Jedi knight or he could just go sans light sabre and as Moses. I'm loathe to give him a staff because a 6 year old boy and a staff are not a good combo.

As soon as Shira heard that Ben was going to be Moses, she decided that she was going as the burning bush. I must admit to being very proud of my daughter. Most of the little girls in our acquaintance are going as Queen Esthers or brides. I hope that her ability to swim against the tide lives on till adulthood.

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