Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am watching way too much TV. The kids are at co-op and I can't get around so here I am stuck on my bed. Instead of using the time to read meaningful books, I am idly surfing the net while watching abysmal daytime TV. I'm watching Nanny 911 so that I can feel good about myself. I feel so self righteous and supermommish when I watch those horrors on Nanny 911. While I was watching Nanny lay down the law, I saw an ad for Match.com.

I have Match.com to thank for my current life. Marc and I met on Match.com on the 20th of September 1999. It was love at first telephone call and we married in January 2000.

I often think about dating rituals and marriage and have come to the realization that all my friends who met online appear to have stronger marriages than most of my friends who went the traditional route.

My theory is that those of us who developed our relationships online never had the physical to contend with. If we spent 2 hours talking, we spoke for two hours., We didn't have physical cues to cloud issues so we had to be careful how we chose our words. If we had gone on a physical date for 2 hours we wouldn't have spent the entire 2 hours talking.

By the time Marc and I met IRL in November 1999 we probably knew each other better than most couples who had been married for years. We certainly spent more time talking than most couples.

We laugh over how our IM dating has carried through to our married lives. If Marc sees me online on iChat or Skype while he is a work, he'll ping me a message. We've even been known to lie in bed, side by side, and have and IM or email conversation.

I'd love to hear stories from other online couples.


Mrs Hannigan said...

can't say we have the same story, we're high school sweethearts, but unlimited text messaging keeps us close. we've sent text messages from the same room before, too. with 6 kids, sometimes there are things you can't say out loud, like "Should we go to the movies?" or "do we have any chocolates left?" or even "if the kids are busy, meet me downstairs..."

Shez said...

My poor old husband resisted getting a cellphone for years. He broke down a few weeks and bought one. I think I am going to start text messaging him. sounds like a great idea. We tried speaking in a different language but we don't share the same second languages. LOL.
Wow, married to your high school sweetheart. I only know one other couple like that. I envy you getting all those years together. We were 36 and 39 when we married.