Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Petrified forests and volcanos

Ben and Shira have suddenly developed a fascination with petrified forests and volcanos. We have tons of books on volcanos and I even remember some of what I learned about them in high school, however, my knowledge on petrification is zero. I also don't have any books on the subject.

This morning, serendipity showed her beautiful face when an email from Currclick arrived in my inbox. I'd never heard of this company before and am not sure how I managed to get onto their email distribution list. I suspect it has something to do with a lapbook template I bought a few months ago.

As luck would have it, they were advertising an e-book with instructions to make a 3-D layered volcano diagram. Seeing as it was on sale for a mere $2.95, I bought it. I've just glanced through the book and am very excited, I see a wonderful project in our future.

Of course, I can never restrain myself when on book sites, so I went browsing. What was the next book I found? Yes, a book on petrification. This short e-book on Ancient Botanicals looks like a winner.

I love books that have suggestions for activities that come with the information. It saves me so much time as I always try to include some hands on activities with new information. The blurb promises, "You will Learn basic information about fossilized leaves, fossilized flowers, ferns, cones & seeds, follow step-by step instructions with photographs on how to make a “Fossilized Leaf” skeleton using Japanese beetles, make a fossilized plant strata, make a fossilized fern in plaster, and a fossilized panel." Best of all, it only cost $3.85. So for under $7 I have found two books that look like they are going to give us hours of learning enriched fun.

I'll report back once we've done the activities.

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