Sunday, March 15, 2009

Behind The Scenes at Epcot

Whenever we visit a museum or park, I try to arrange a behind the scenes tour for our family as my experience has shown that this greatly enhances the visit.

One of our favorite "rides" at Epcot is the "Living With The Land Boat Ride".

When we were at Epcot last September with my parents, I discovered all the behind the scenes tours you can take at Walt Disney World. The "Living with the Land" one is one of the few that Ben and Shira are old enough to do. This January, when my cousin was visiting from South Africa, we went to Epcot and did the Living with the Land Behind the scenes tour.

I highly recommend the tour to all homeschooling parents. The educational aspect has just enough cookiness built in to make it a whole lot of fun for the kids.

They put growing pumpkins into Mickey Mouse molds and force the pumpkins into those shapes

They also do the same with cucumbers

My kids, the tomato eating fanatics, fell in love with the tomato tree.

Ben was fascinated by this brand new display of aquaculture combining with hydroponics

Did you know that they try to grow enough produce hydroponically to fulfill the needs of the table service restaurants?


Michele said...

Neat how they grow their own food for the restaurants! We ate at some of those restaurants a couple of years ago.

Kathy Ceceri said...

Hi Shez! We've been playing around with hydroponic veggies in our kitchen, so I linked to your post (and borrowed the aquaculture photo) on my Home Biology blog (link below). Interesting post!

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School for Us said...

We travel quite a bit as part of my daughter's education, but I haven't planned any "behind the scene" tours. Is there a particular way you go about this? Or are they things usually posted on each website? Thanks!

Shez said...

I normally find the behind the scenes tours on the facilties' websites