Sunday, March 15, 2009

Padwan Shira

The highlight of Shira's trip to Hollywood Studios was being chosen to take part in a Star Wars Academy.

As you can well imagine, Ben was not impressed that she, and not he, was chosen. It's tough when children start to realize that life is not always fair.


christinemm said...

Oh I am glad she got to participate. My boys were crushed that they were not chosen.

We also had one of those social experiences there that proves that homeschooled kids don't miss out on rude behavior of other kids and getting pushed around. We went to that show early to sit in a good spot to see well and were about 3 rows back from the front. However one minute before the show until a few minutes after it started, some parents arrived that late with kids and told their kids to just push up and go to the front, break the rules about "sit behind the line" and sat their butts down in front of all the other kids (including mine). Two kept standing up and blocking everyone. I kindly asked them to sit down since the younger kids behind them wouldn't sit down.

People seem so afraid that homeschooled kids won't be socialized well by experiencing wrongdoings and pushy behavior of other kids. It just isn't true.

And actualy it always stupifies me when I see parents teaching their kids to break the rules and do rude behavior just so they can get ahead or something like not accept that they got to the show late so they should stand at the back instead (or wait for the next show).

Kris said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Josh would have *LOVED* that!

Shez said...

Christine, I am constantly amazed at people's bad behavior. We were at a homeschool day at a local museum where we got to watch a great movie. There were signs everywhere telling people not to eat or drink in the movie theater.

Blow me down with a feather if half a dozen mothers didn't start picnic lunches in the theater. My kids asked me at the top of their voices why these people were eating when the signs said they shouldn't.

I just had to reply that some people are disrespectful and don't honor private property rights.

We arrived at the Star Wars thingy 40 min before the show and were the first people there. We had a similar thing happen to us.