Friday, January 4, 2008

Bubble Fun

We're a family of construction toy freaks. We all thoroughly enjoy building marvels and wonders. I became carried away a few years ago and bought a huge set of Zome Tools for the kids. They weren't even five at the time and the tools were way too complex for them. This week I was surfing their website trying to discover ways to utilize the Zome Tools in our homeschool. They have a great bubble unit that I just had to try out.

I've always thought that bubbles are a huge amount of fun, but regular little bubble blowers have nothing on making bubbles with 3D geometric shapes. I wish I was a better photographer. The pics I took did not do our bubbles justice, but I think you can see how neat they were.

This is how the bubbles look when you use a cube.

Here's Ben blowing bubbles into the basic bubble. Now that's neat!

Here's another one where we've introduced bubbles via a straw

I highly recommend this activity.

We left the 2 gallons of bubble mixture we made for this activity outside because we intended on playing with it some more. Bad idea. I forgot to check the weather and this cold snap crept up on us. We now have frozen bubbles mixture on our deck.

I have it on good kid authority that frozen bubble mixture is fun to play with.

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Lostcheerio said...

Fantastic. You should send a link to this to the Zome people. Seriously.