Sunday, January 13, 2008

Playing "school"

Ben and Shira are busy playing "school". Rosa the Beanie Baby hamster and Dolphiny, the dolphin are the students.

Ben is teaching them math. Interestingly enough, he's teaching them multiplication. It's especially interesting because I have not taught them multiplication. They have a vague idea of the concept because it's come up in general conversation but they have not had formal lessons in it.

I concentrate on showing the children how numbers work and how to use tricks to work things out quickly. I have just seen that Ben has taken this to heart. He has worked out some of the multiplication tricks on his own. He has just shown his students how to work out, "2x8+2x8-3+2".

Shira is teaching a class on George Washington to the animals. These are genius animals, they are learning math and history at the same time with both teachers demanding complete attention at all times. LOL.

Shira has written up a bunch of facts on Mr Washington for the animals to learn off by heart. I haven't touched on American History yet in our homeschool so I asked her how she knew the facts. The look she gave me was one for the books. "Moooom, we have BOOKS you know!". I am suitably chastened. I keep on telling the kids to look things up. I just didn't expect her to look things up for a game. Just goes to show how well lessons are learned.

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Lydia said...

Funny how they play school isn't it? Sadie likes to play school but Benny does not. He finds the entire idea abhorrent. However, as you know, he loves to give tutorials and demonstrations. *cackle* So maybe he is pretending "sales guy at Best Buy" rather than "teacher." How glorious for all of us.