Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have finally bought myself a camcorder. Do I need one? Absolutely not! Do I want one? Of course I do.

I was mindlessly surfing on thanksgiving day and discovered their "Gold Box" and "lightening deals". I subscribed to them and that has proved to be my downfall. You will be amazed at how many "must have's" go on deal on Amazon. To be honest, this is only the third Gold Box deal that I have bought since Thanksgiving. The other two were kitchen necessities - a really good saucepan and a Braun mixer thingy. Today the Gold Box deal had a Canon Camcorder at a 55% discount.

I'm really looking forward to making little movies. I love going to people's blogs and seeing movies of their kids. I promise to try to not bore you with my movies.

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Lostcheerio said...

Movies are AWESOME, you must definitely post many. Sometimes you can't adequately express the cuteness without moving pictures and sound. :)