Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cardboard boxes

I love cardboard boxes. I think there is no toy like them. Ben and Shira love Fridays because we pick up our order from the Organic Food Depot and that means boxes. A cardboard box has so many possibilities. it can be a space helmet, a car, a house, a barn, a spaceship, We have no toys that provide as many hours of happy play as boxes do.

Today we were at the library where we saw them breaking down a humungous box. A box big enough for 2 six year olds to stand up in. I immediately asked for the box and was rewarded by a huge smile from the children's librarian. She obviously agrees with us about boxes.

Ben and Shira have just spent 4 hours turning the box into a school bus. Talking about school busses, what's the fascination with school busses that homeschooled children have? My two think that the concept of going to school is a fate worse than death, yet that school bus holds great allure.

Two years ago they went to Gan Izzy for 2 days and they still talk about driving to the AMF lanes in a school bus. School busses fill me with horror, all those little kids with no car seats. I'm very anal about car seats. Ben and Shira are around 52 inches tall and I still have them in 5pt restraint harnesses. They know that they are in these seats until they reach 4ft 9. I've done such a good number on them that they get nervous in booster seats, they love their car seats.

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