Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Todays ramblings

from today's Virginian Pilot
More than 60 percent of its investors lived in four areas: Norfolk, New York, Chicago and Israel, the report said.

I see this all the time in the American media. American "things" are given greater status than those in the rest of the world. This is like Africa being a country (and Palin is not the first American that I've come across who believes this. We walked out of a library storytelling session when the librarian told the children that they were going to learn about the animals from the country of Africa. She then proceeded to start with the tiger. I was willing to let Africa go, but when she started on an Asian animal, I was out of there. I called the librarian later to discuss her errors. Her reasoning was that continent was too large a concept for little children. What total BS.)

Anyway, back to the Virginian Pilot. Norfolk has less than a quarter of a million inhabitants but it's an "area" just like Israel, a country is an "area". LOL.

The story that was attached to this sentence is very sad. Joseph Shereshevsky was a neighbor who defrauded millions from the orthodox Jewish community. I think he is the lowest form of pond scum. I am really irritated by the entire fiasco. He lived large and very visibly donated vast sums of money. I keep on hearing people talk about how he is a good man and should be let out on bail. He was arrested at the airport with a one way ticket out of the country. This is not a good man. He was convicted on fraud charges before he came to live in Norfolk. Then he milked people of their hard earned money so that he could live a life of luxury and have his name associated with a myriad of charities

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