Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Woman Who Lived On The QE2

This BBC story piqued my interest. It tells of an 89 year old woman who made the QE2 her home on and off for 14 years.
She pays about £3,500 a month and says she prefers it to any retirement home.
With elegant surroundings, lavish meals, cocktails and dancing every night it is easy to see why Mrs Muller fell in love with the ship.
She said: "We're spoiled to death, we get to see the whole world and meet the most incredible people."
In the morning she reads a print-out of The New York Times, works on her memoirs and calls on friends.
Then she plays bridge until tea, followed by cocktails and dancing.
Once the liner reaches Dubai, Mrs Muller, known as Bea to the crew, will be without a home, although she has no plans to return to dry land.
"I'll keep on staying at sea, I don't want to go back to housekeeping," she said.

What a wonderful way to spend your retirement if you can afford it.

This story made me wonder if there isn't a more cost effective method of doing this so that a homeschooled family can sail the seven seas for a year or so. I know there is the option of sailing your own yacht, but that defeats the purpose, sailing your own boat involves work. I really like the idea of having a serviced cabin and all food cooked for you. Then all I would have to do is see the world and educate my children. Mmmm. another dream to add to my list. LOL. Of course, I would have to overcome my antipathy to cruise liners. I had the misfortune to spend a week on one in the Indian Ocean. I couldn't find any privacy. Cruise directors made it their job to make me miserable. They ferreted out everyone who wanted quiet, alone time with a book and tried to cajole them into having "fun". UGHH. It was horrid.

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