Sunday, November 23, 2008

Very disturbing pictures of a poodle with a crazy owner

The pics on this website are very disturbing. I can't imagine going to all that trouble to trim and dye my dog's hair to make it look so weird.

Here's one of the pics to whet your appetite.


Danielle said...

That poor pooch! I hope it's not self-conscious! :)

christinemm said...

Three things come to mind after seeing that site.

1. I hope the dyes are not Cancer-cuasing or that dog is in trouble.

2. No matter how odd, that woman is talented and perhaps would be more accepted by society if she guided her artistic talents and creative imagination into making art or sculpture. You have to admit some of those creations took the eye of a sculptor to envision and pull off.

3. I wonder if the animal rights people have gone after her yet.

Silvia said...

LOL! That is just so funny! Does she call it a Pooster? A Roodle? :) Emily is crazy about Sharpies right now, loves to give "temporary" tattoos to herself and Thomas, plus has found they'll color her hair--I can't imagine if we had a white dog, poor thing. :) Oh, and I just put color streaks in her hair for her last night--I'll have to post a pic or two.

M~O said...

That poor dog. It was probably mortified! (Yes, I'm one of those people that think that dogs have feelings that can be hurt or embarassed....)

Grit said...

nooooo! surely they have been through photoshop! or tell me it ain't true!!

Alex Lima said...

That is actually a very simple poodle hair cut and the colors used are safe.
THat dog looks magnificely well taken care of.
Sign- Alex - who has bred,trainedd, showed dogs for 30 years while advocating for human treatment of animals.

Kris said...

I am giving you the Butterfly Award, a pass-it-along type blog award.

See At Home Science for the details :o)

christinemm said...

Hi Shez,

1. Yesterday's Dr. Phil featured those realistic looking babies and investigated what an obsession is. I have only seen about 15 minutes of the show so far, it awaits on TiVo for me to have more time to watch it.

2. I was wondering what your opinion is on my book review published today, a picture pop up book for kids aged 3 and up. Do read it and leave your two cents when you have time.

I hope your family is well! We've been fighting 3 illnesses in the last 7 days, ugh.