Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm back

The whole episode with my eye left me feeling very burnt out and even after my eye was no longer so painful, I had no inspiration to blog.

Yesterday, however, when something happened that had me wanting to blog, I realized that my spark had come back.

Shira and Ben are reading Erin Hunter's "Warriors" series. Yesterday Shira finished a book and our library did not have the next one so we trekked off to B&N to buy it for her.

While we were there I saw a bookmark with the cat charm and pointed it out to her. She was enchanted. She begged for the bookmark and spent the next few hours telling me all about how awesome it was to have a bookmark with a totem from the book she was reading.

She opened a whole new world for me. I am not a bookmark type of gal. I tend to use whatever scrap of paper I find lying around. My bookmarks are typically those reply cards that fall out of magazines, old kids' artwork or receipts from my shopping. I didn't realize that a kid could become so excited about a bookmark.

I think that as she starts new series of books, I am going to endeavor to make her a bookmark that is specific to that series. For instance, she has the "Frog Princess" series and a dragon series waiting in her "to read" queue. I'm looking for a frog and a dragon charm and will make her book straps with a few jewel like beads and the relevant charms.

I wonder if this isn't a neat gift for young girls. A book and matching bookmark?

I have to read a few books from this Warrior series as I am currently excluded from many of the conversations in this house. Ben and Shira are obsessed with these books. They talk about intricate details of the lives of the cats and they spend countless hours playing very involved games where they are cats from the various tribes.

It makes my heart sing with joy as it brings back all the most wondrous memories I have from my childhood. I think I spent half my childhood living the lives of the characters in the books I read (the other half was spent reading said books).


Cerwydwyn said...

I'm glad you're back! I think the books/bookmarks are a great idea.
Martina is avidly reading these days, too, and would probably love a bookmark to go with her books of the moment.

Kris said...

Welcome back! I love the bookmark idea! Megan gets excited about bookmarks, too.

Rational Jenn said...

Glad you're back and feeling better! I'll have to check out these books--sounds interesting!

heather said...

Oh, my son has read both the complete series, the original Warriors and the "New Prophecy" series... he doesn't easily get obsessed with books, and he was obsessed with these!

I love your idea of matching bookmarks for a gift! We just got a bookstore gift card as a birthday present for his dad this morning, and picked up a Toronto Maple Leafs (his favourite team) bookmark - with charm - to go with it. So it was a similar idea... not matching a specific book, but matching a bookmark with a book-giftcard. Then I read your post! :)

Hmm... we're doing House Fairy stuff, I can add some bookmarks to the gifts ideas.

Jaynelle said...

What a great idea! I'm sure that both Jake and Jolie would love a new bookmark to "match" the book they are reading. Maybe I'll even have them design them themselves. Sounds like a project for Jolie.