Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Kids Are Growing Up.

Both kids told me today that they are going to use their own bathroom from now on. They've both showered in their bathroom and now they have moved their face wash, moisturizer, toothbrushes and pastes into their bathroom.

I thought I was dying for the day to come when Marc and I would have our bathroom to ourselves, but now I find myself all sad. They are growing up. These baby steps towards independence are so bitter sweet.


Cerwydwyn said...

LOL. I wanted comment on the HFC...and did you notice where the snuggle is made? Then I got to this one and thought: Hah! Tell me about it. Randall will be 22 on Saturday.

Shez said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Happy birthday to Randall. Did the yahoo group invite come through to you or do I need to resend.

I'm boycotting Chinese made products whenever I can. I've made an exception for my Macbook and iPod. Nothing like consistent principles.

Louise said...

My principles go a bit awry sometimes as well. I don't buy Nestle products usually but the only stock cubes I can get here are Maggi which is a Nestle company. The kids also love Aero mint bars.