Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Saturday

Ben has a playdate this morning and we weren't successful in arranging one for Shira. Ben has big plans for "boy" play today and Shira has no real interest in it. She asked if we couldn't have a "mommy and Shira" day.

I LOVE days where I do things with just one child. They are so different on their own. Shira, in particular, is far more vocal when she doesn't have Ben around.

Here is what she has planned for us.

She wants to paint my hands. Yesterday we received our first edition of Ask Magazine. Cricket Magazine Publishing bills it as a magazine of arts and sciences for kids. This edition of Ask has a feature on Guido Daniele's hand paintings. (You have to follow the link to see his hand paintings.). Wish me luck. LOL.

Then she wants to bake. We can't bake until later today because I don't have some of the ingredients.

She wants to bake, this vegan, gluten free pumpkin pie, these strawberry and chocolate chip scones, banana chocolate chip bread and and Mexican chocolate cake.

I hope these recipes work as vegan, gluten free baking is not the easiest way to bake. Everything else we've made from Karina's Kitchen has been great, so I have high hopes for these dishes. The only problem I foresee is that I'll have a duty to help the children eat the cakes.

Last night Shira and I made this fabulous Gluten Free, dairy free "tapioca" pudding. It was so simple to make and is loaded with good fats (and calories, but we'll forget that for now).

Wish me luck. I am about to have my hands painted


Kris said...

Oh, I love that guy! His art was featured in Reader's Digest a while back and I was just enthralled.

You'll have to post pictures of Shira's masterpieces.

LB said...

Yes, the painted hands are very cool. Good luck and please post pictures.

christinemm said...

I hope you photographed your hands.

Even if they are not the same as that artists!

Hope you've been feeling well.

Karin Katherine said...

I have never heard of Ask magazine. Thanks for sharing...

Jenna said...

Hello! My name is Jenna and I work for Cricket Magazine Group (the publisher of Ask). I couldn't help but notice that your daughter reads out magazine! I would love to have a partnership with you if you would be interested in posting a review of Ask Magazine on your blog with a link to our website ? I could send you a free magazine and post a link to your blog on our social media sites (facebook, myspace, flickr, etc.) Please let me know if this is something of interest to you!