Friday, January 2, 2009

King Tut and Gluten free goodness

We're in Atlanta for a few days to see the King Tut exhibition and to visit the Georgia Aquarium.

Ben was underwhelmed by the King Tut Exhibition, but Shira loved it. Even though Ben was bored, I was pleasantly surprised that to see that much of what he learned about Egypt during Scott Powell's History at Our House lectures was retained. He and Shira had great fun identifying where in the "heartbeats" the various pharoahs fitted. (Scott designed a neat little timeline for the kids that showed periods of greatness - the heartbeats).

I was nearly doubled over with laughter when Ben shouted out, "look Shira, there's Queen Hot Chip Soup" and one old lady sternly corrected him to "Queen Hatshepsut". He turned to her and dripping condescention the way only a 7 year old can, replied, "I know that, but it helps us remember her name when we call her Hot chip soup".

After the exhibit we went to Pizza Fusion for lunch. Ben and Shira had their first ever commercial pizzas and are in love. They've asked for pizza for dinner as well. Jeff, the owner of the Buckhead branch was wonderful. I'm in love with this chain as they do organic, gluten free and vegan pizzas. What more can a girl want?

Apparently they are opening a branch in Richmond, VA. Ben told me that a 2 hour drive is nothing if it means he can get safe pizza. LOL.

Tomorrow we see the aquarium and do a behind the scenes tour. I can't wait.


Michele said...

Too bad the pizza crust has eggs in it. I also wonder which bean flour they use; Caroline is allergic to garbanzo/chickpea. Caroline says she doesn't like pizza anyway, but maybe that's more of a statement on my cooking than her taste. The place looks yummy to me though (and Rhiannon loves pizza). Maybe we can meet for lunch in Richmond someday. I'm glad your eye is doing better!

christinemm said...

Glad to hear you are having fun!

I heard the same thing about the exhibit from another homeschool mom who was comparing it to the bigger exhibit that took place years ago (around 1980?) that she attended.

Scott Powell said...

Hot Chip Soup! That's hilarious! :-) --Mr. Powell

Lostcheerio said...

HOT CHIP SOUP! Yah! Hehehe.