Monday, August 18, 2008

A New Vision for Refrigeration

I just love TEDtalks. Every so often I spend a few happy hours watching TEDtalks videos. This little video featuring Adam Grosser has gotten me very excited. He has developed a little gadget that can keep a 3 gallon vessel at 3 degrees above freezing for 24 hours.

He was pitching this as a marvelous tool for 3rd world villages without electricity. Of course, my excitement has much more to do with self interest. I have great visions of using a few of these little $25 gadgets when we travel. My world will change if I can have reliable refrigeration for our food while on the road. Having food allergies sucks, but it will become less sucky if we have a little gadget like this. All I need to do is find out when it is going to move from prototype to retail.

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