Saturday, August 9, 2008

Six things people don't know about me

My friend, Shell tagged me for a meme. She wants me to write down 6 things people don't know about me. Yeah, right Shell, there's a reason they don't know certain things about me, I want those things kept under wraps.

Let me see if I can come up with 6 things that won't embarrass me too badly.

1. Like Shell, I have very dexterous toes. I hardly ever bend down to pick up things if I am barefoot, I just use my toes.

2. I was well into my 30's before I finally accepted that I was not adopted into my family. I just did not understand how genetics could have made me so different on every level (emotional, intellectual, inner drive, self discipline, self awareness etc) from every member of my family.

3. I LOVE the sound of the voices of old, black Southern men who smoked a lot. I can sit for hours listening to their deep, gravelly voices. When I was pregnant I used to go to the local iHop every Friday morning and sit in a booth next to these old retirees who met there every week so that I could just let their gorgeous voices wash over me.

4. It appears that I am going over to the dark side. After years of being slightly disdainful of the excesses of pet owners, I find myself wearing puppies in slings and rushing through errands because i worry about the puppies being in their crate for longer than 90 min. I have just spent a week sitting on the kitchen floor playing with puppies and getting up every few hours though the night to take them potty. How are the mighty fallen?

5. I am one of those very rare people who truly does not care what people think of her. I figure there are so many people in the world that there are always going to be people who dislike you and people who like you. it's not worth the effort to try to change people's perceptions of you. Enjoy basking in the glow of the people who like you and ignore the rest.

6. I am not just anti Obama's candidacy, I am terrified of it. I find the parallels to Hitler's rise to power frightening in the extreme. Look at this salute:

It makes every rational hair on my body stand up in horror. Cults revolt and scare me. The cult of the politician even more so.

So there you have it, 6 things that I think people didn't know about me.

I tag Lynne, Lydia, Makita, Michelle and Steph.

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Deva said...

"Enjoy basking in the glow of the people who like you and ignore the rest."

This is excellent, Shez, what a great outlook!

Your puppies are so cute, I bet they are fun to puppywear.