Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why is this blog so quiet?

I've received many emails this week questioning why I've not been blogging. Blame it on being made of wuss material. I do not do well with a lack of sleep. The pups still need to go outside every 2 hours or so and since Marc needs his wits about him at work (who wants a sleep deprived pathologist reading their slides?), potty patrol falls to me.

Whenever I read about Americans being chronically sleep deprived I wonder how society manages to survive. It wouldn't if everyone were like me. I need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. When you start messing with my sleep I start losing the ability to sleep and lose the ability to control my body temp. I hate being sleep deprived. I've barely been functioning.

However, it is well worth it. These pups are the cutest little beans you've ever come across.

Hershey is 2lbs of doxipoo love.

Her favorite place in the whole wide world is on me. It's become so dangerous in the kitchen, if I move she moves. She's smaller than my foot and one misstep on my part will result in squashed puppy. She just wants to be with me all the time. I wondered if she would enjoy riding in a baby sling. Oh, my goodness, what a successful experiment. She just loves riding next to my heart.

Archie is far more active than Hershey, but I think that's because he's 2 weeks older than she is. I have to laugh at how I've started thinking of him as the "big" dog. He is all of 3lbs, that's just big in relation to Hershey.

This reminds me of a conversation I overheard between my children. Shira sleeps in a double sized bed and Ben in a single bed. Ben and Shira agreed with each other that he sleeps in the longer bed and Shira sleeps in the shorter bed. I had to pull out a tape measure and demonstrate to the children that both their beds were the same length, that it was the width of the beds that was distorting their perception.

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Kris said...

Oh, my goodness! They are both cute, but I can totally see why Shira changed her mind when she saw Hershey. She is the cutest thing I've ever seen! You've totally got to post a picture of you carrying her around in a sling. ;-)