Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Friday Field trips

Last Friday we went on two field trips. A tour of the WHRO studios and an ocean collection trip with the aquarium.

WHRO is our local public broadcaster. Despite our relatively small size, we are only one of 5 (I think) metropolitan areas that has 2 different public radio stations. I listen to the talk one and Marc listens to the classical music one.

I'm not sure how much the kid learned, but nevertheless, they had a lot of fun. They particularly liked pretending to be radio announcers. The tour leader gave each child a script to read into the microphone. I just wish he'd switched on the mike and let the kids wear headphones.

It was a good experience for the kids to read out loud in public as this is a skill that is lacking in homeschools. My two want me to arrange for them to go to a preschool and read to the little kids. So far I've approached 4 preschools and they've all declined my offer. I am now thinking of seeing if the kids can get into the "Be a Reader" program in the elementary schools. I just am not sure if they will accept 7 year old children to work with other elementary schoolers.

The kids were also fascinated by the TV director's suite. Ben was taken by the split second timing that has to happen when broadcasting.

I highly recommend the Virginia Aquarium's Ocean Collection Tour.
Seahorses, stingrays, crabs and sand dollars - just some of what can be found beneath the surface of the ocean.

During this 75-minute boat trip, Aquarium staff will trawl the ocean floor for a sample of sea life to bring on board. Kids will have a chance to ask questions about the animals before they are returned to the water.
Cruises are offered March through November.

All three of us had a blast. The educators are great with kids and let them help out as if they were adults. Ben is still talking about helping to transfer the squids from the nets to the touch tanks.

As per usual, the highlight of the trip was totally out of left field. We found a huge, fiberglass shark on the dock. The kids spent way too long playing in it.


Sassy said...

cool stuff did you like it was it fun? it looks like it did you remember me write Savannah?

Cerwydwyn said...

Eliz read to K students when she was in 3rd grade. This happened each year, back then, at Norfolk Highlands (in Chesapeake). So they do, or used to, ask the older El. students to read to the younger ones. I'm not sure how they'd feel about homeschoolers doing it. How about a library reading time for preschoolers?
I do suspect that schools are like local restaurants and prefer to 'hire from within.'