Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beware Wordsmart

I did something I never do, I bought something from a telesales person. She made such a good case for her product and the guarantees sounded so good that I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it.

Big, big mistake.

I bought WordSmart because it sounded like a fun way to help my children grow their vocabulary. Before I bought it, I asked the saleswoman 3 or 4 times if this product worked on Macs. She assured me it did.

When I opened the package I discovered that the main disc was for Windows XP ONLY. Some of the discs worked on Macs but the main program was a Windows program only and not even for the latest version of Windows.

I was ticked off but before I sent it back I decided to have a look at the program on an old Windows laptop we own to see if it was worth keeping. I need not have wasted my time. This was the most boring piece of junk I had ever had the misfortune to look at. It's sold as an entertaining and fun way to teach vocab to children. The last time I looked, scrolling dictionary based definitions were not fun or entertaining to seven year olds.

That decided it for me, I was going to send it back. I called the company for a "return authorization" number and that's where the fun started. A young snot, Joel, refused to give me the authorization number. He said that since some of the discs worked on my Mac I should just use those. I told him that even if I loved the program, which I did not, I was not going to pay full price for half a program. He just refused to listen to me. He kept on telling me that if I truly loved my children and wished them well, I would keep the program and do it with them. He kept on giving me larger and larger discounts if I would give it a longer trial.

It did not matter how often I repeated myself, "I am not interested in this program. I just want a return authorization number and a full refund on my credit card". He kept on insisted that by returning this program I was short changing my children.

I finally stated that if I did not get my authorization number and refund immediately, I was going to declare a dispute with the credit card company. Blow me down if the little snot didn't try one more time to harangue me into keeping his shitty little piece of software.

I finally received this blasted return authorization number and UPS'd the box back to them. I am giving them a week to give me a refund and if I don't see it on my card by next Tuesday, I am going to call my credit card and tell them that this is a disputed charge.

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Carson said...

My cousin didn't have a bad experience with his copy of WordSmart. Complaints were there, but he didn't get discouraged. He bought the software, and it helped him develop his communicaton skills. He especially liked the Progressive Reader because he was a tad slow on that part. When I borrowed it, I thoroughly enjoyed the SAT & ACT Prep. It brought me back to the days when I prepared for those exams. So I think this WordSmart scam issue shouldn't be mulled over.