Sunday, September 28, 2008

On Kids and Puppies.

Marc and I were talking about how similar puppies and kids are.

Our kids can't fall asleep easily unless they've had a good dose of mommy and daddy attention before bedtime. Our puppies can't settle for the night unless they first fall asleep on us.

Both puppies and kids are ruled by their stomachs.

Both puppies and kids have two states of being - busy, busy, busy or dead to the world.

Both puppies and kids become out of sorts if they are not given enough undivided parental attention. We've seen this with our kids for years. Whenever Marc or I go through a busy patch and are not able to give the kids the "right" amount of attention, they end up becoming overly emotional, or badly behaved or just plain out of sorts. Now we're seeing the puppies are just the same.

It's amazing how similar the young of two different species are.


M~O said...

Ah, but if only I could leave out kibble for the kids and take off for the day... Sigh....

team gesink said...

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Julie said...

I had to laugh when I read this entry--soo true! I had forgotten that very observation. I have been feeling at my wit's end with my two young human pups, but your blog has given me renewed hope- I do know what to do and I just need to take a breath and do something fun, not school, giving DD some time to enjoy having mama to herself, and for DS downplaying school: making it fun again. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Shusterman