Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Specs and 7 year olds

Spectacles and 7 year olds are not a good mix. In the last 12 months Ben has managed to break his frames twice and damage one lens. Shira has managed to lose her specs twice in less than 2 months.

Ben has a great need to fiddle and fix. He sees me going to the optician to have my specs adjusted every so often and thought that he'd save me the trip to have his adjusted. He did his own adjusting. Net result? New frames needed twice. He's now banned from adjusting his own frames. Thankfully the optician's insurance covers damage to frames and lenses.

The problem is that it doesn't cover lost specs. We have no idea what happened to the pair Shira lost first, however, we do know what happened to yesterday's pair and if we had time and lots of patience I am sure we could find them.

The kids and dogs were playing at the "meadow" (a large green area 3 houses from us that is essentially a median but is a block wide and 3 blocks long). The dogs started licking Shira's face so she handed her specs to Ben for safe keeping.

One thing led to another and the kids realized that Shira's specs were lost. Turns out that Ben hand them back to Shira by puting them down on the grass and telling her that he'd given them back to her. She didn't hear him and continued playing and running around.

Hilarity ensued when the kids called us to help them find the specs. Both kids were insistent that they knew the general area of the specs. The problem is that they were both insisting that the specs were in completely different areas of the meadow.

Marc and I tried to do a grid search but nightfall made it impossible to continue. I am not hopeful of finding them this morning as longish grass and small specs don't make a good combination.

Now the new rule is that you are not allowed to take specs off your face unless you are swimming, showering or going to sleep and then there are rules for what happens to the specs when you take them off your face.

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flmom said...

I feel for you! My 9yo is always fiddling with his and then complains because the screws on the sides (one side in particular) come loose. It's too far for us to drive and constantly have them professionally fixed/adjusted so I do the best I can on my own.