Saturday, September 6, 2008

Might be a slow month, blogging wise.

My parents were supposed to have arrived a few hours ago. Unfortunately tropical storm Hanna put a spike in those plans. Right now all we know is that they are at the airport in Atlanta but we haven't been able to contact them so we have no idea when they will manage to arrive in Norfolk.

We have a crazy busy month planned for them. Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown all have their six monthly homeschool days this month. What a bonus, we get to take 6 people to these great living museums for the fraction of the normal cost.

On Thursday, hurricane Ike willing, we're all going to Walt Disney World. If you read my blog and speak to my kids, please do NOT mention anything to them. This is something that my parents and kids don't know about. i have an elaborate ruse planned and will reveal all once we are on the plane.

i can't wait for the Disney trip. My parents have never been to WDW and have been dying to go. I told them that they'd hate it in September because of the heat and humidity. (not that it won't be hot and humid, but I was scrambling for reasons as to why we couldn't go to WDW).

September also sees my mother's and Marc's birthdays. Shira is planning a huge festive meal and birthday cakes. We're planning on making Marc an "ice cream" cake that doesn't feature dairy, soy or added sugar. The plan is to make the cake out of banana "ice cream" and to frost it with pureed mango. Shira wants to decorate it with strawberry mice. Her coup de grace are candles that spell "DAD". She's in stitches over the fact that she could only find pink D's for "DAD".

My mom's cake will probably be made from this brownie recipe I have that contains no flours. It's main ingredient is garbanzo beans (thanks Danielle for the GREAT recipe). I think it will be really good with a raspberry coulis.

Anyway, this is my long winded way of saying that I don't know how much blogging I'll get to do this month.

I bought our tickets to the King Tut exhibition this morning. We weren't able to go to it in Philly. On one hand, I was sad to miss my friends there but on the other, this is a better time for us as the kids are studying Egypt this fall with Mr Powell a History at Our House. I think this will make the exhibit much more interesting and enjoyable for the kids.

My cousin, Roy, will be joining us in Atlanta for the exhibition. He arrives from Johannesburg on 30th December and we're spending the next two weeks traveling around the US with him. The King Tut exhibition is a great way to start off the trip. I hope to get to meet Rational Jenn while we are in Atlanta.


Makita said...

Sounds like a spectacular month is planned. I'll have to remember that C.Williamsburg, Jamestown & Yorktown have their homeschool days in Sept (I assume every year) when we plan to go in the future.

We're also planning a surprise trip for our kiddos - Hawaii in November. We'll also be surprising friends who are also going. They'd asked us to join them and originally we didn't think we'd be able to ... but things changed. (I hope they don't read the comments section of your blog - I'm not certain they even read MY blog!)

I can't wait. I've been putting together a field trip booklet for the kiddos. So much fun.

I plan to browse the History at Our House link more. Thanks for sharing. :D

Danielle said...

I'll miss your posts, but totally understand you'll have your hands full! What are you doing with the puppies? And what did you use in lieu of the hershey's chocolate? Carob? How'd that go?

Ashlee said...

oh, oh, oh, i was just thinking about brownies yesterday. can you share the recipe?

i hope you all have a great month and happy travels !!!

Destiny777 said...

Hope you have a great month with family. The Disney surprise sounds awesome. The first time we took our kids was right after we got a new van. My husband said to the kids, "Let's see how this thing drives!" We drove all the way to Florida. "Well, I think it's too late to drive back to Nashville, TN tonight, lets rest in this hotel." The next morning we drove to Disney. The kids were in shock going through the gates, but were still not sure what was going on. (The oldest was only 5 or 6 then). My parents, who also live in Nashville, met us at the front gate. It was not until we were on the monorail viewing Cinderella's castle that one of them said shakily, "Are we going to Disney World?" In line for the second ride of the day, Dumbo, my oldest broke down in tears. "What's wrong buddy," I asked. "This is just a dream come true," he said. One of our fondest memories ever.

Have fun. Stay safe.