Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do you have white pride?

A friend sent me the link to the website of this bunch of kooks. While I deplore the concept of White Nationalism, I suppose they have the right to their views as long as they don't harm anyone. I just feel so much pity for their children who are fed this diet or racial BS.
Sometimes parents will base their decision to homeschool on the racial composition of the local school. If the school is small and majority white, then some feel there is no need to pull their children from the government school.

However, there is something you need to take into consideration and that is the teachers and the textbooks.

Your children may not attend school in an integrated setting, but they are still learning from the same books and receiving the same garbage in the lectures.

In fact, sometimes this type of school is even more dangerous. Because they have only been exposed to the cool non-whites portrayed on television and in movies, they are unaccustomed to the hatred most non-whites have for whites.

In school they will learn about all of the so-called accomplishments and inventions of the other races. They will be taught how terrible, evil, and oppressive white people are. They will still have to write reports about Martin Luther King Jr. They will still learn lies about Rosa Parks. They will still be taught that white nationalism is basically a mental disorder that is only suitable for society's rejects. They will be taught lies upon lies about the Christian faith, the founding of America, the wonderful attributes of homosexuals and lesbians and so on.


Sarah Bray said...

This is so disgusting. It makes me absolutely sick. It smells of the Nazi sentiment, and I can't even believe the lies that they are telling themselves. How do they rationalize this type of poisonous thinking???

Anonymous said...

By the way, I think you mean "kooks" not "cooks."

Shez said...

LOL, shame on me for not proof reading.

Shell said...

I am asking that everyone boycott Dreamhost as a financial motivator for them to NOT host sites such as these.

Shez, you wrote that free speech may be okay if it doesn't hurt anyone.

I have a hard time believe this isn't hurting the children that are charged to their care.

Shez said...

Shell, the problem is over drawing the line. There are folks who think that we are hurting our children by homeschooling.

Shell said...

True, very true.

And being the staunch Libertarian I am, I want to acknowledge their freedom of speech but somehow I don't think this is what John Adams had in mind. ;o)

Chuck said...

I just want to say that I am extremely proud to be white. I am not a racist, not in my mind anyway. I am just your typical average white man. I don’t really get involved in politics or religion, yes I have my opinions and beliefs, but mostly I keep them to myself. I do not understand why the white race does not stand up and why they continue to be labeled as racist.
If I organized a march, a million man march of white people to show our pride in our race, If I bought a television station and dedicated it only to white actors, actresses and white shows, If I started a college for white underprivileged people, or just for white people only, and last but not least let me come up with a program to promote people into jobs they are not able to do merely because they are white.

I just am sick of hearing equal rights and knowing there is nothing equal about it, I am white and I am proud of it.