Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christian Radio Exposed

UPDATED 18 November. This was apparently a farce that I fell for. LOL. It sounded so perfectly legit to me.

My friend Kim blogged that Christian Radio has been on a continuous loop for the last 20 years.

Except for the obvious dishonesty I don't see much wrong with it:
None of the ministers heard on Christian radio have actually taped a program for two decades. As some ministers died or left the ministry, the program directors introduced "new" ministers by changing the pitch of a previous minister’s voice. For example, after the death of Christian radio personality Martin Wyse, Wyse’s old shows were digitally manipulated to give him a Scottish brogue, resulting in the creation of Alistair Begg, who does not actually exist.
The only other thing that changed over the years were the advertisements, the director says.

Isn't radio about giving people what they want? Their advertisers were still advertising with them, so their ratings must have been good enough. What's the big deal if the people were still tuning in and enjoying it. I wouldn't mind a business like that.

I wonder if I could start a homeschool radio like this? I could spend a year taping shows then stick them on a continuous loop. Once in a while I could let Ben manipulate them digitally to make it sound as if we had different hosts and Bob's your uncle, we have a business with very low input costs. Think homeschoolers would fall for it?


Deb said...

I'm kinda inclined to think that it's not true, that bit about Alistair Begg really being Martin Wyse. The only reference to it on the web is on that web site you referenced, and I couldn't find anything on Snopes. Alistair Begg looks pretty legit. He's syndicated all over, Wiki would certainly have mentioned this controversy, and there are lots of images if you Google him. Images of Martin Wyse abound, too.

I sometimes listen to Christian Radio -- in the spirit of "know thine enemy" -- when the kids aren't in the car to be corrupted. :-) The preachers seem pretty up-to-date to me.

SoCalLynn said...

This is patently untrue. Why would you write this without even doing your research? Why do you wish to spread such misinformation? Oh, never mind, you're a liberal who doesn't believe in truth, just lies about people you disagree with.

I have been in two events where Alistair Begg was speaking and have seen him personally.

Deb said...

Shez isn't a leftist.

Shez said...

Socalynn, I apologize if I have offended you. My friend who blogged about this issue is a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian. I figured she would have her facts straight about something so near and dear to her heart.

LOL on the "liberal" slur. I caught some Limbaugh the other day and noticed that if you don't agree with the fundamentalist right you are someone who does not believe in "truth" and a "liberal". It's too funny. You guys should try to come up with some other names to call those who don't agree with you.

I'm no liberal btw, I'm something far worse, I'm a Libertarian.

Kim said...

Ha! How funny I only just discovered you linked to my blog! Shez - the story was complete satire. It was supposed to be a joke. Lark News is akin to The Onion. Gotcha... ;-)

Shez said...

ROFL. that is so funny. I just assumed that because you put it up there it was true. LOL