Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is not a spoof

I was convinced this video clip was a spoof when Marc showed it to me. I was convinced that no one could be that stupid or dogmatic.

In case you think that McCain's supporters are all idiots. Here's a clip of idiots on the other side.

This election, more than any other, has convinced me that we should require restrictions to voting. If you are not sufficiently educated to be able to understand the issues at stake you should not be allowed to vote. Heck, I"m happy if you just understand your candidate's position.


christinemm said...

The Stern clip blew me away. Unbelievable.

What bugged me about the woman talking in the other clip was that she is judging Obama based on the religion of his parents. I resent that as I was raised by two Atheists or Agnostics and I don't expect to be judged by THEIR religous perspectives or anything else about my parents. I can't control who my parents are and either can Obama. Trying to judge a person based on the perceived values of their parents, when the person is 47 years old, is not quite right.

My views have nothing to do with who I plan to vote for, by the way.

Danielle said...

Not surprising and sadly not unbelievable for either side! Though I do wonder what the woman will think when/if her husband tells her he voted for Obama! If he doesn't tell her, the devil will somehow be blamed for both of his choices...#1, the vote for O and then #2, deceit to his wife! But wait...she prayed about it! So much for the Lord taking care of things in her favor!! Geez...some folks shouldn't just not vote...they shouldn't reproduce either!

Mama Monkey said...

Well ... my mom was an atheist, so that settles it! I can't run for president.

I don't know what to say about either of those clips. Very, very frightening.

Michelle said...

I have never been more scared of an election, ever.

christinemm said...

Shez, no post in 6 days?

Hope you are alright!

Let's hope your blogging pause is not election related stress.

I can't wait for it to be over! I can't take the media and the rhetoric any longer.

Shez said...

Christine, thanks for checking on me. been very tired and sick to death of all the election stuff. Been staying off the computer and have been reading books instead. have to go up to DC today for Marc's grandmother's 94th birthday party.

Planning on starting to blog again next week.