Thursday, October 2, 2008

Update on acorn collection

I received a comment on my blog from Kate McNamee of Growning Native about my post on Virginian Acorns.
Potomac Conservancy's Growing Native is a partner with the Virginia Department of Forestry for seed collection. Growing Native is a year-round volunteer project that collects hardwood seeds and plants trees to help restore and protect rivers and streams in the Potomac River watershed.

This fall, Growing Native has launched a "Get Out and Get Nuts" Challenge. For every pound of seed that is collected, Ford will donate $1 to Potomac Conservancy's tree restoration projects. So, as you collect, don't forget to enter!

After you collect your seeds, let us know how many pounds you have gathered by entering the "Get Out and Get Nuts" Challenge. VisitGrowing Native for more information!

From their website:
What is Growing Native?
Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds participate in Growing Native by collecting native tree seeds and planting trees along streams and rivers across the region. Not only are participants creating forests for tomorrow, they are also learning the important connection between healthy, forested lands and clean waters.

Since Growing Native’s inception in 2001, nearly 30,000 volunteers collected more than 94,000 pounds of acorns, walnuts, and other hardwood tree seeds. These seeds have generated seedlings that will be used to restore sensitive streamside lands.

In addition to providing native tree stock, Growing Native builds public awareness of the important connection between healthy, forested lands and clean waters, and what individuals can do to protect them

Growing Native evolved out of a need for native hardwood seedlings to support expanding reforestation and restoration efforts in the Potomac River watershed. Maryland and Virginia state nurseries are experiencing a shortage of native seedling stock due to the ever-increasing demand for trees, particularly for new streamside forest projects. To replenish the supply of native seedlings and ensure diversity in the nursery's tree stock, Growing Native was established in 2001. A majority of this program's tree seedlings are used to create diverse and healthy streamside forests, which are key to maintaining and improving water quality and providing wildlife habitat.

You can register your seed collection here.

Growing Native is looking for ambassadors:
Growing Native ambassadors have a passion for the outdoors and want to share it with others. As a community representative for Growing Native, ambassadors encourage others to “get nuts for clean water” by organizing and leading seed collection events in their area!

Ambassadors attend a fun and free training, where they are trained to identify native trees and their seeds. Sign-up today and take advantage of this great opportunity to meet other nature lovers and give back to your community!

Join one of our Growing Native Ambassador Trainings in September! To view training dates, click here. For more information, contact Kate McNamee, Outreach Coordinator at or by calling 301.608.1188, x211.

Growing Native provides educator resources, a boy scouting badge and a handy dandy tree identification guide.

Virginian acorns need to be collected by 20 October.


melina said...

I always knew you were nutty. ;-)

Seriously, nice job. Such a great lesson for the kids (and not just the nature part). Well done!

Shushan said...

thanks for more information! My kids will have a blast collecting acorns this fall :))