Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our activities this term.

Ben and Shira have been having a blast with their art teacher, Gerry Lee Wertheimer.

Gerry is a gifted artist and art educator. She's been coming to our home every Tuesday afternoon to give the children a 2 hour private art lesson. The kids have done both group and private lessons and private lessons are the way to go. Gerry is teaching the children to really look at their subjects and is teaching them how to translate that onto paper.

The last few lessons have been devoted to learning how to sculpt.

Their first sculpting lesson involved learning to sculpt heads. Gerry's is the one in the middle.

Another week they made seahorses. Shira's has the baby in the pouch.

I love how Gerry teaches the children about their subjects, so while they were sculpting their seahorses they also learned about the animal and its habitat.

Shira's rather proud of the dog she sculpted

I just have to show you this collage that Ben made when he did a class with Shara Wertz from the Norfolk Parks Department.

I think it is absolutely fabulous.


Sassy said...

those seahorses are cute!!

Sassy said...

does shira ever get on blogger again i have made a little change tell shira i said "hi" sorry for misspell! LOL