Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I bought Maria Miller's Early Geometry last week. The kids are loving it. Ben's in 7th heaven as he can read the text and work at his own speed. I just check on him to ensure he understands the concepts and once in a while insist that I get to teach a concept.

It's so exciting to see that one of my offspring has inherited my love for geometry. I used to spend hours doing geometry problems for fun as a kid.

Right now the kids are playing with Mighty Mind. This is the perfect tool for helping cement the concepts of shapes and how they fit together.


Danielle said...

That's terrific. Always love it when you can share what you love with others! :) That game looks really interesting. Is it similar to Tangrams?

Shez said...

yes, it's similar to tangrams, except it also uses circles. I like it because the cards start with very easy ones and build up. that way the children learned how to do them without becoming overwhelmed. we tried tangrams first when they were about 5 and they were too tough. however, once they worked through these cards, the tangrams were easier.

I need to show you the math, the game and one other thing. what did I say I'd show you? I'm forgetting.