Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Growing like weeds

My kids are growing like weeds. They both put on an inch in the last 6 weeks. Shira is now 4ft 6inches and Ben's 3/4 of an inch shorter. That puts Shira at the 97th percentile for height and Ben at the 96th percentile. Both are at the 84th percentile for weight.

I'm just hoping that this growth spurt does not mean we're going to have to buy new shoes again. This summer both kids grew out of brand new shoes in 6 weeks. Shira went from a 2 to a 3 1/2 in six weeks. It hurt badly to have to buy two sets of New Balance sneakers for each child in such a short time.


Danielle said...

Shira isn't really 5'6" is she? Holy cow! She'd be just 8 inches shorter than me! :) But I hear ya on the weeds bit! Chloe came to us wearing 7/8s she's now in 10 Slims, though her waist is still a 7, she needs the 10 for the length. Josh is 52 inches tall and Austin is 46", if memory serves.

Shez said...

LOL. thanks for catching that. she's 4ft 6. she's wearing size 10 pants as well.