Thursday, July 10, 2008

Carnival of homeschoolers


As another blogger said, turn off your sound before you link to the carnival as The Daily Planet automatically starts playing music. My inner curmudgeon has a list of issues that she ranks as super irritants w.r.t. websites, music in the background is one of them. Others are embedded videos that start playing automatically, flash intro screens and articles that run over many pages. I think the latter is one of my biggest bugbears. I get so irritated when I have to continually click to another page to finish reading something. What's wrong with just scrolling down a long page?

Anyway, be that as it may, this was another great carnival.

I particularly enjoyed The Reluctant Homeschooler's post on "edible wild foods". She said, “Who knew that I could eat the daylilies in my front yard? Or the milkweed?! That’s what Larissa recently told me after she picked up a book on edible wild plants. Summer may be here, but the learning never ends - not even for us adults. So we’ve been sampling our wildflowers - not in vases, but on our dinner plates!”

There is a woman near us who does wild foods walks. I think I need to arrange a field trip to her.

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