Monday, July 7, 2008

Orchids and Roses

Ben and Shira had an art lesson this afternoon with their new teacher. I think we made the right decision to go with private lessons with a real artist.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Lee teach the children. She is teaching them to look deeply at their subjects and to break them down into basic shapes. Today was the first time Ben and Shira used watercolor pencils. I bought them a while ago but had no idea how to use them. I love the effect the children got with them.

Shira's picture

Ben's picture.

We're submitting the pictures to Barb at Harmony Art Mom for the secret garden Sketch Tuesday.


Eddie Snyder said...

I love both pictures and wish I had such talent. Please continue to pursue your interests.

Lots of love,

Uncle Eddie

Anonymous said...

Their pictures are gorgeous. I hope they enjoy their art course! :-)

Lostcheerio said...

Wow! It's cool to see the product of what was going on in the other room during our meeting! :) :) When I was scrolling down the post and saw the top of Shira's, I thought it must be the teacher's work that you'd posted as an example. This child has a gift!

Denise Silverberg said...

I am blown away by both children's art work. Shira's strikes me as a more classic beauty and form. Ben's strikes me as more based on impression and interpretation. I've got their fish paintings, from an earlier class, hanging for all to see at my cubicle at work. People come by just to look at their paintings! Again and again! Love, Neecie