Friday, July 18, 2008

Your neighbors' political donations

This is a post for the incurably nosy.

Whenever elections roll around, the Silverberg household is a lone Independent/Libertarian, sometimes Republican (if it's Ron Paul), voice in our neighborhood. We're the ones with the yard signs calling for a lowering of property taxes and a reduction of government intervention in private lives in a sea of households who appear to relish the idea of government intervention. Talk about feeling out of step. I often wondered though how the people who don't place yard signs vote. Based on what I talk about later in this post, I realize that we are even more out of step with our neighbors than I thought.

I was reading a post this morning on Mom to the Screaming Masses about Googling yourself. Of course I had to Google myself and I discovered my name on "The Huffington Post". I just had to go and have a look at why I was there. It turns out it was a history of my political donations. (don't get all excited, Marc and I had never made a political donation before Ron Paul's abortive presidential campaign, so it looks pretty miserable).

The really neat feature is that if you are incurably nosy, like I am, you can see where all your neighbors' political donations go. You even get to look at a neat little map awash with elephants and donkeys.


Raani said...

Click on my name for a link I thought you might enjoy. It contains footage from a the recent freedom march on the capital.

Anonymous said...

That is REALLY interesting. I liked seeing the political donations in my city. Not what I expected.

Shez said...

the link didn't work. can you give me the link directly?