Saturday, July 26, 2008

Magical Bubbles

I want to know how Ana Yang does her bubble tricks. I also want to know what bubble solution she uses. I've never managed to make bubble solution that is tough enough to do the things she does.

I saw a news article, about the theft of bubble mixture for the broadway show, The Gazillion Bubble Show where they mention that the bubble mixture contains glycerin and baking soda. I wonder if it's the baking soda that makes the big difference? I make our bubble mixture with Dawn, water and glycerin and there is no way we can even begin to replicate her bubbles.


Kez said...

We did some bubble experiments recently and managed to make stronger than normal bubbles. We got one bubble inside another successfully! The recipe & hints are on my blog at

Danielle said...

That was really cool! Thanks for posting it. The kids enjoyed it too! :)

LB said...

Yeah - what Danielle said!