Thursday, July 3, 2008

Looking for books for Ben

I'm on the look out for book series that inspire Ben to read. He's at a difficult stage, while he can read almost anything I put in front of him, but he doesn't enjoy much of it. I want him to be a passionate reader like I am, so I am looking for series that he won't want to put down.

So far the series that have done that for him are:

Now I am looking for more series for him. One of the librarian's recommended, The Animormophs. Since the series was unknown to me, I borrowed one from the library and read it. Decided that this is not a series that I am going to give my 7 year olds to read. Books that refer to a girl as a "skank" are not what I want Ben reading.

Currently I have the following books sitting in my pile to review for Ben. (Notice that I don't have a list for Shira? That's because she has a list of books on her to read list that I already know. She's finds far more to keep her enthralled than Ben does. Right now she's reading Lemony Snickett).

Ben appears to really enjoy Sci-fi, so that's why this list is heavily loaded with that genre. If you have any series that enthralled your children, please let me know.


Leah said...

Hi Shez!

My youngest daughter really enjoys the Oliver Moon books, about a young wizard boy.
They're incredibly funny and very suitable for a boy Ben's age.
I'm still deliberating over whether or not I'll want to buy my daughter the Oliver Moon's Christmas Cracker, though...
I figure the story isn't really christian, but I just don't like the references to that holiday. One of my personal peeves.

I order the books from, but I reckon you coudl obtain them from as well, or from usborne...

I just found the official Oliver Moon website, BTW, so you can actually check the series out a bit before deciding.

Jo said...

Try the Rowan of Rin series by Emily Rodda.

Leah said...

And if we're talking Emily Rodda, why not have a look at the Deltora series as well?
We love it!

Jo said...

Yeah, that is a good one too I have heard. My nine year old is all over it.

Also, there is some series about Droon? My son loved it. It's on my "required reading" list that he is making for me, but I have yet to get to it. (I did read Rowan of Rin and liked it.)

Stephanie said...

Edgar Eager has a great magical series...starts with Half Magic (about 4 siblings who find a coin that grants half of their wishes). Based on their enjoyment of Edgar Eager, I have just ordered an E. Nesbit book, 5 Children and It. I have never read it but am looking forward to it.

I have just started compiling our favorite books on my blog:

Still a work in progress, but fun to put together.

Anonymous said...

...perhaps some old classics from Madeline L'Engle would work for him. He might like the Magic Tree House series, but perhaps it's too realistic for him. In a few years, he might enjoy Edgar Rice Burroughs' Sci Fi classics.

Great paintings, btw!