Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's not true to life....

My kids crack me up. Ben and Shira cut a huge piece of butcher's paper and then traced Ben's outline onto it. Now they are decorating the paper to turn it into a magic flying carpet. Shira has drawn a turban on the person outline and told me that the man is Indian but that he isn't true to life, he's a www. type person.

Ben and Shira took ages to work out what color crayon to use for his skin. They did about 5 test samples to work out the exact shade an Indian's skin needs to be. Recently they've started realizing that people have different color skin and we've been talking about it a lot. They're finding the differing levels of melanin quite fascinating. The other than skin, they are fascinated by eye color. They've noticed how their eyes have changed color over the last year and now want to know all about it.

Shira just asked me if they used berry juice to tie dye in ancient days. I told her they used berry juice, but didn't do tie dye. Her response, "I suppose no one in the movies thought to make their ancient people do tie dye.". What on earth is going on in that child's mind?

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