Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Competition to make the longest cardboard marble ramp

Kidmade has a competition this month that was tailor made for Ben and every little boy out there. Cardboard, duct tape and marbles, what could be more perfect?
This month's challenge is to engineer the longest marble ramp you can using only cardboard and duct tape. Feel free to use chairs, tables, railings and ladders to support your ramp and decorate to your hearts content with paint,markers and fiddly-bits. Your ramp can be a straight run or zig-zag down a wall. We're looking for total ramp length.

Start digging through your recycling bin and saving boxes, cylinders and tubes. Wrapping paper tubes are great for a nice long run and I've had luck calling the fabric store and asking them to save tubes from the bolts of fabric. Anything goes as long as it's cardboard and duct tape.

Details here.

We need to start collecting cardboard tubes. I can see how the kids are going to have a blast with this project

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