Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sew Happy

I started teaching the children how to use a sewing machine this week. Shira wanted to start on a nightgown and Ben had some suitably complex plan in mind. It took a lot to convince them that we should start with simple, straight sewing.

Finally we compromised on making quilts. There's enough apparent complexity to make both kids happy and yet it only involves straight sewing.

Ben finished half his squares this morning and plans on finishing the rest tomorrow. Poor kid doesn't realize that the hard work starts after he's made the squares.

I learned a very valuable lesson. If you can't find your rotary cutter, go and buy a new one, do not attempt to cut quilting pieces with a pair of scissors. A job that should have been a doddle was a nightmare because I used scissors. I'll post pics once the kids have finished their quilts.

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