Monday, May 26, 2008

Bronx 8th graders boycott standardized tests

I've just read a great article in theNew York Daily News about a group of 8th graders who refused to take a practice test for next month's statewide social studies test. It gives me hope that government school kids haven't been completely brainwashed.
Instead, the students handed in blank exams.
Then they submitted signed petitions with a list of grievances to school Principal Maria Lopez and the Department of Education.
"We've had a whole bunch of these diagnostic tests all year," Tatiana Nelson, 13, one of the protest leaders, said Tuesday outside the school. "They don't even count toward our grades. The school system's just treating us like test dummies for the companies that make the exams."
According to the petition, they are sick and tired of the "constant, excessive and stressful testing" that causes them to "lose valuable instructional time with our teachers."

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