Sunday, May 11, 2008

Taking control of your own life

This post has nothing to do with homeschooling, education or my family. However, I thought it was a good example of a child who refused to be a victim.

Ttoday's Times Onlinewrote a story about an Anglo-Indian boy, Ashley Vanristell, who realized that if he was to obtain the treatment he needed for his hereditary autoimmune disorder, that he'd have to do something about it himself.

It is never good to hear about sick children, however, it is always good to hear about people and especially children, who do not wait for handouts, but get stuck in and do things for themselves.

The cost of this young man's monthly treatment would cost double his father's wages so was totally unaffordable for his family. Ashley was not deterred though, he set about earning the money himself.
“He was six and had been practising with his magic set and getting good at it,” his mother said. “He started performing for neighbours and friends. Then one day he came into the kitchen and asked: ‘Mummy, why don’t I do magic to earn money for my treatment?’ ” She agreed. Ashley started taking bookings for birthday parties and was soon appearing before local politicians and television personalities.

He has since had parts in Bollywood films and has become the face of Dulux paint and Surf washing powder in television commercials.

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