Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moore Expressions

I can never get over what a great area Hampton Roads is to be a homeschooler. Unlike most cities, we don't have to rely completely on the internet to do our curriculum shopping. We have our very own, "brick and mortar" homeschooling store in Virginia Beach. Moore Expressions has proven to be a life saver for many an area homeschooler. The employees and owners are all very knowledgeable about homeschooling law in VA and about the various curricula.

I'm a true internet junkie. I do my grocery shopping, book shopping, clothing shopping, news reading and in days gone by, even did my dating on the net so I was surprised at how important a brick and mortar store was for me. I love how I can pop into the store to have a look at a curriculum I am thinking about buying. I still use the net to read reviews on curricula, but nothing beats being able to go into a store and to hold the books in your hands.

Lydia and I approached Moore Expressions to sponsor our Science Fair. Joy could not have been nicer to us. She immediately agreed to sponsor us and her sponsorship made it possible for us to be able to enlist the aid of Prof Gail Dodge and Mr Brian Butler from ODU to judge the fair.

Thank you Moore Expressions, you helped us give our budding scientists a memorable experience.

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